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Free First Aid Training

Every year at least 75,000 people die in the UK from a sudden cardiac arrest (SDA). It affects all age groups from school children to the elderly. A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping blood, containing vital oxygen, around the body. If nothing is done to help, the chances of survival fall at approx. 15-20% per minute. Waiting for an ambulance to arrive could be leaving it too late.

CPR makes a difference + 5%

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) alone can increase the chances of survival of someone experiencing a cardiac arrest by around 5%.

Defibrillation + 50%

A defibrillator, that delivers an electric shock to the heart, can increase survival rates by 50%.

CPR & Defibrillation + 75%

Good CPR and quick defibrillation can give a cardiac arrest patient a 75% chance of survival if given within 3 minutes of collapse. If good CPR can be started quickly, it increases the likelihood of successful defibrillation when a defibrillator arrives, either by an ambulance or from a local public access defibrillator scheme.

What’s on offer?

Southwest Medical Services are offering their Basic Life Support (BLS) 3hr course free of charge on a first come, first served basis. There are no strings attached and the offer is open to anyone. Initial assessment, CPR, recovery position and choking form the basis of the course and an introduction to defibrillation is also included should you be in a position to assist.

We are offering this course independently of funding and with the venues being sponsored by local organisations. The way we see it is that the more people who know how to deal with a patient that collapses, the better the outcome for the patient. This becomes real when it’s a friend or relative who requires your help.

The course

The sessions are designed to be simple but effective and have a high practical content to ensure both competence and confidence. They are run by experienced instructors who actually perform CPR and defibrillation as part of their regular work and, although the subject is serious, the sessions are run in an enjoyable way with a good helping of humour. Our feedback from courses is consistently outstanding.

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